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Irreparable brain injuries in MMA martial arts from the words of a young Iranian athlete with morality, Mr. amirhossein mohebaldini, who has all the documents in his record, such as

Certificate of Sports Pathology

Degree in Sports Psychology

International MMA coaching certificate from the World W.MMA.F Federation of Ukraine

MMA referee certificate from the world organization perfect fighting championship

Member of the Supreme Council of the World Federation for the Registration of Imaro Sports Records in Iran (the only real and legal confederation in the world)

Member of the inspection representative in the HFC World Federation in Iran

Member of wmmf freestyle inspection representative in Iran


Jujitsu is a ship and boxing that fighters are allowed to attack in a cage. Some refer to this sport as "cage warfare." The discipline is growing rapidly and is one of the most popular subsets of martial arts. MMA, which has grown significantly each year, has increased its position among the sports that have a longer history.

Traumatic brain injury has been high in this emerging sport in recent years. According to a medical study, one third of MMA matches end in a technical blow. This indicates the higher prevalence of brain injuries in this discipline than in boxing and other martial arts.

Other studies show that MMA has more brain injuries than other disciplines such as football and hockey. The researchers suggested that rules such as boxing be chosen for the discipline. They also offered more training to the judges so that they could prepare to help defenseless fighters or those who have lost consciousness and stop fighting quickly.

In the meantime, one seems to be very careful about the brain dangers of this emerging sport in East Asia; Especially about children and adolescents where a mistake can easily lead to the destruction of their lives. The danger must be taken seriously!

But the question is why success? Why interest? How this seemingly barbaric place of entertainment has become one of the greatest sports of all time. However, some experts talk about brain damage in this field. These injuries now pose serious and fundamental concerns for children and adolescents who have been attracted to this unbridled and dangerous sport with different passions and goals.

Amir Hussein Moheb al-Dini, as a coach, says that what the children learn in his hall is significantly different from what they see on TV. Thousands of children, including 4-year-olds, visit boxing and martial arts halls on a weekly basis, but the question arises as to whether this puts their health at risk. It seems that there should be a serious reflection on this and the education of this group.

Amir Hossein Moheb al-Dini added that those people who want to work in these fields should be fully aware of the consequences of this sport and should not jump into the water. I wish them health.

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