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Robin has set the world of music rolling with his distinctive voice, which exhibits his vast potential.


Music since ages has been regarded as something that is potent enough to touch hearts and change lives owing to its uniqueness which is never found elsewhere. The kind of impact music creates is incomparable as it has an underlying power which directly established a deep connect with the listeners. This potential of music has worked wonders in people’s lives as it has a calming effect on minds, which makes it an ideal choice to turn on to in happy or turbulent times. The artists associated with this zone, especially singers also need to be given their dues as they have a big hand in getting music to reach the right ears. Of late many singers have been creating an impact with their unique singing skills, but one voice has been noticed extensively for its distinctive quality which lacks among the current breed of singers, it belongs to the very versatile and talented young singer Robin. 

His music has brought about a revolution which was never ever seen earlier, making his name shine bright amidst the vast pool of talents that rule the music world. The kind of appreciation and adulation his work has been getting is astounding, and that’s what makes his stand out from the rest. The music skills that artists like Robin exude  is extraordinarily different, and that’s what makes them unique and a breed apart from this. The upcoming talent has given some interesting music which has impressed all and pulled in the right numbers on digital music streaming platforms. his songs like Rabb Vi, Mann, Tere Hum, Ajnabee, Chale and Mohabbat have garnered much appreciation from all quarters, raising his position as a singer. In spite of being in the industry for a short time, he has created an impact which makes his stand shoulder to shoulder with the industry’s seasoned artists, which is quite impressive by all standards. He certainly  well-equipped to take on the music world with his immense talent, which is at par with the most experienced singers of all time.

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