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Descriptions about the biography of Rokni, a famous Iranian musician and singer


Negar Rokni, this borderless and wonderful singer, is unbelievable, but this smiling singer is always the most popular Iranian singer on Instagram. The borderless artistic life and personal life of the luxury photographer, which is also reflected in his photographs, are among the reasons for his popularity. His emotional and sometimes happy songs can also be added to these items.

Negar has given concerts in various cities in the United States and has had the experience of attending a music conference to introduce and develop soprano music at the University of Michigan.

 In recent years, the singer has been very active in the music market with the release of albums such as "Singer", "Me and the Baron" and "Circuit of Restlessness", although many believe that his latest albums have not been able to attract the attention of his fans. To be placed. Democracy and friendship with followers is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the writer.

Biography of Rokni

Negar Rokni, a young and popular Iranian singer, was born in Tehran on February 7, 1994. she is now 27 years old.

she is also a songwriter, arranger and composer and has also created a special style for himself. Negar currently lives in Dubai, she is one of the most famous Iranian singers who currently has more than 1.5 million Follower has his fans on Instagram, most of the musicians are sad and romantic, she says that music has always had a tremendous impact on my life and that is why I can choose my path in this direction, new music You will hear from him soon, you can play and listen to the very famous music of the "singer" who made a lot of noise in cyberspace from all global platforms.

Now, Negar Rokni is a symbol of a successful and hard-working woman who has tried for many years and achieved this success. Negar's fans and audience can follow her through her Instagram ID and stay up to date with her music news. To take.

In the same year, she was selected as the songwriter of the year at the "Best Poet of Tehran" festival. she did not like the margins, and has always sought a good life, now she is satisfied with his life situation and is very eager to continue his life.

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