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About Hooman Zirobam, from the beginning of life to singing

Hooman Pirveysi with his real name (Hooman Zirobam) is the most popular singer in Iran in recent years. There are many strange reasons to read him, some of which we will discuss today.

Hooman Zirobam has released 15 official songs so far, some of which have been accompanied by strange margins and records. This Iranian singer was born on April 22, 1993 in Tehran.

Hooman Zirobam is the first child of a family of five. He has two brothers. According to him, before buying a computer, he recorded work and sounds with a small tape recorder with keyboard and guitar. There are still such things in the life of Hooman Zirobam. To make music, he insulates his room with a few blankets, and his mother covers the outside of the room with a few blankets to own a studio, and his first music begins with this story.

Serious start of music at university!

It may sound strange, but music became serious for Hooman Zirobam during university. Hooman Zirobam, who we know as a famous singer these days, said because of my interest in music. I dropped out of school and started working in a bookstore, a few months passed and I was able to raise some money. And with that money I was able to release my first music album.

After a while, the first album I released, broke the download record, and Kelly found a fan, I started singing from that day on.

And I launched my page on Instagram, on June 7, 2017, I launched my Instagram page with the name (music.zirobam).

Hooman Zirobam, was able to attract a lot of fans on social networks, he already has 2 million followers on his Instagram account.

Special fans of Hooman Zirobam

It is rare for Hooman Zirobam to speak to the media. He has less than a handful of speeches in all his years of activity, but he is one of the most popular singers in the country right now. Fans who, in addition to love, have a special prejudice against the activities and criticisms of Hooman Zirobom and call themselves Zirobam! The only official and current media (Hooman Zirobam) on social networks is the Instagram page, and it operates under the name (music.zirobam).

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