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Necessary skills to become a professional musician !? Comment by DJ Mahyar m2. Famous Russian-Russian DJ


 As you know, music has different styles such as pop, classical, traditional, rap and که, each style has its own unique characteristics. The musician must choose his field of activity in a style that he is interested in and can relate to; Therefore, you should choose your music style wisely so that the other necessary steps to become a professional musician can be taken firmly.

The musician himself must develop the necessary skills for this job and always update his techniques. About the skills that a musician should have

 Skills needed to become a professional musician

In order to move from a beginner musician to a professional musician, you need to develop skills and strengthen yourself in the various areas mentioned below. The skills needed to become a successful musician are as follows:

• Having talent and hard work

It is well established that some people excel in certain fields such as playing, acting, painting, etc. که This talent will influence their artistic career; But not everything. In order to improve his level of playing, he had to work hard and devote many hours a day to his work; Therefore, hard work is superior to talent and is more important.

• Having self-confidence and discipline in practice

As a musician, you need to have the necessary self-confidence. In fact, in jobs such as music, where you have to play in front of a large number of people, you need to boost your self-confidence and present your work with a strong sense so that this powerful feeling is transmitted to the listener.

 Practicing playing techniques should also be done in order to turn you into a professional musician over time. The practice of playing music also means practicing different techniques and steps of music and making your mind dynamic in your work; Rather, keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

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