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Jamos Parsa's new album will be released for free

Jamos Parsa, a famous Iranian rapper and musician who recently transformed the world of rap with his album Zajem Zemizem, announced on his Instagram account, "I intend to release my new album, which will be ready for release in the coming days."

My goal is to do more to support and appreciate my fans, who have supported and accompanied me for many years. I thank them for caring for me over the years, for not forgetting me, and for always remembering me. They were me.

Jamos Parsa, who has repeatedly said in interviews that he loves his fans and because of them I am ready to make changes in myself and my life.

And I ask them to send me any comments they have on me, and I will gladly follow their words.

The world of rap and rappers has changed a lot. Everyone is at war with each other, while rapping has nothing to do with these issues.

And the first rapper whose music I listen to over and over again is despair, and I hope that one day the rappers of my country will turn to this type of style and cause less damage to each other.

While all Iranian rappers are talented and strong, and I wish good health to each and every one of them.

According to Jamos, he does not like margins at all and does not want to fall for languages ​​for no reason.

He is now satisfied with his life and continues to live it with enthusiasm.

Jamos fans and audiences can follow him through his Instagram ID and be informed about the release of his music.

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