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DLZ has made a position for himself in the Music Industry


The Music Industry has many gems from legendary music artists to many young music artists who have just entered the Scene. Today, we will be taking on the artist named DLZ. An artist who is very well known in the Industry. From his recent hits, “Angels” to “Summer’s Over”, all have his work has been a series of hits one DLZ has ever produced.

I am grateful that I got the opportunity to share the inside story behind the successful musical journey of DLZ.

DLZ was unconcerned about this. Music has always inspired and encouraged the artist while he was little. By the age of fourteen, he had taken things seriously and had purchased his first microphone. This was the start of his musical career for him.

DLZ revealed his all-time favorite project. The album “Illusion” was the first to reach one million Spotify streams. That was something he enjoyed doing. DLZ also told us about the project’s whole development process. For him, it all starts with the beat. Melodies came to him after hearing the instrumentation &; amp He starts with thought after asking himself what he feels after hearing. Finally, it’s like a puzzle to fill in the lyrics. 

He also gives us an insight into the reality of being an independent artist and it is quite underwhelming according to him. He adds to it that life has its ups and downs for everyone and having an online perception isn’t real.

Some of the challenges faced by DLZ is being able to maintain a level head, there’s a lot that goes into this money, time, energy, and opportunities that don’t come often to anyone unless and until he or she seeks them out.  

When DLZ  doesn’t get the motivation to create music, he spends his time outside of the musical world which helps him a lot to start afresh.

He also shared how he reacts when some of his projects don’t go as planned. He says, “Whenever you release something you think is great it never does the way you expect

while making it. But this is not the end you have to learn and adjust for the next drop.

He also some advice for the young budding artist in the Industry. drop. “Do things right the first time you won’t have to do them again” is a great quote from DLZ’s dad, he stands by.  His advice would be to just get started. Start making songs, writing to beats, putting music out there, and most importantly not care about what the others think. By following this, anyone can grow, learn and get better if one truly loves what he is doing.

DLZ says that he is most proud of the writing and recording he has ever done. Perfection kills profitability and it’s all about growing and getting better each day working towards it.

People can find out a lot behind the scenes on DLZ’S Instagram stories and posts, YouTube as well as Tik Tok where he has started to promote Demos and see what people like. DLZ is on all platforms.

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