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Easy Fashion tips to make you look taller and fit


First and foremost, believe in body positivity and love the way your body is. Self-love and self-worth will give you the confidence you didn’t think you needed. Now that we’re clear on loving your natural self, we also understand that as humans, we lust after things we can’t have. And talking specifically about the extra inches of height, you can only create illusions to look taller. How do you do that? Well, these fashion tricks will always help.

You can use neutral light colors like white or beige to make them look tall. Choose the jeans high waist of darker color while shirt of neutral light colors. Pair it up with ankle boots. In chilly weather, pair it up with the cardigan or shrug of dark colors like that of your jeans. High-waisted jeans are the best for quite a few reasons. They hit you at your waist, which is typically the smallest area of your stomach and automatically makes your legs look taller. There’s nothing better than a flattering pair of jeans. So make sure you invest in the best one and use it for the longest time.

. Always stuck in your shirt:

Avoid oversized, baggy clothes if you wish to look taller. To create a sharper and taller look, invest in tailored cuts and tuck in your shirts, t-shirts and tops as much as possible. It creates a seamless line from top to bottom thus, creating an illusion of a few extra inches of height.

As well as using long vertical lines to create the illusion of being taller or slimmer, another way to create a visual illusion is to wear a shorter jacket and to team this with long, wide pants.

That way, your torso will look shorter, and your legs will look longer, creating the illusion of height.

.Tops with Slimmer Sleeves:

While statement sleeves, such as bell sleeves or puff sleeves, are on trend, they can make your top half look wider.

Opting for a three-quarter length sleeve, rather than a short sleeve will also work well.

The same goes for the width of your tops. If you choose a top which is slimline this will elongate your figure to create extra height rather than width.

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