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‘LukeNoLimit’ always down to set HIGH LIMITS.


An Aspiring Artist, Manager, Entrepreneur and Individual in the Music Industry. Luke Hincapie going by the name of “Luke NoLimit” born in Miami and a resident of Los Angeles, is one of the prominent Artist Manager in the Music Industry. The Talented aspiring Artist has also provided the opportunity to many Upcoming “Dexterous Artists” to work with him in the Industry giving them commendable services in the musical world. He is considered as an exceptional entrepreneur owing to the fact he deals with his clients very closely which is often not seen in today’s world. 

He always prefer to initiate his work in a right way along with the Right people for instance the Songwriters, Producers, Directors , Instrumentalist and everyone associated with the Production of the MUSIC. 

Getting to his recent projects, Luke appearance was also seen alongside with his clients “The Twenty’s” on MTV’s Hit Reality TV show “CATFISH” Season 3 Episode 3. He has also represent many Platinum, Grammy winning Artists and Producers which includes “Jimmy Duval” who produced the Hit single “look at me!” by the popular Late American Rapper “XXXTentacion“ who was a leading figure in the Industry. 

He likes to do things in his own way without limiting himself, his talent and the potential of his clients.

Luke NoLimit close associate Jimmy Duval, who has collaborated with many well-known Artist such as XXXTentacion, Liam Payne, Lil baby and Lil Pump has also been incorporated in his developing Music Narcos list of ability.

Its very rare to see such an amazing Music Artist in the entertainment world who intends to makes his Clients as his first preference.

Source: Jimmy Duval (https://www.instagram.com/jimmyduvalmusic/?hl=en)

Luke NoLimit was also behind the NFT Project of OPULOUS Teaming up with the Rapper LIL PUMP and the EDM STAR KSHMR to let the fans over the world invest in the music. 

A Blockchain-supported Platform OPULOUS and renowned Music Label REPUBLIC teamed up for the NFT project. The project ,Security NFT’s (S-NFTs) had the scope to let the fans worldwide invests in the music they love with a reasonable amount of $100 and will also be able to own the copyright of the music they invest. In just two hours, they reached about $500,000 which is a crazy amount in such Short time. The First version of the NFT Project i.e., “Mona-Lisa feat. Soulja Boy”, produced by JIMMY DUVAL was represented in many Platforms. The Sale took place on November 4th,2021 which reached its goal of $500,000 in just TWO HOURS!!!!.

The main moto of the project is that whenever the song is played on any music platforms or any entertainment platforms, the NFT’s owners who have invested will receive commission or in other words a handful amount of money. 

The investors will also be able to invest in the forthcoming single from EDM star KSHMR and the further details will be announced soon . OPULOUS also announced that there will be more upcoming artist offering music copyright for investment via REPUBLIC. 

There was also a sense of optimism when the artist commented on the Project alluring the fans regarding the music and the investments.

As per Sources, Lil Pump commented ” MONA LISA is a Blast from my Past. Now OPOLOUS takes into the Future”.

In addition to that , KSHMR said “So I’m excited to team up with OPOLOUS to offer my fans the opportunity to be a Part of my Mus

The founder of OPOLOUS also added ” OPOLOUS is excited to help artists invest in themselves and their art without the need for mainstream financial Support such as banks or label deals that take the majority of money they are due”.

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