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Shaping up with Santana Star – Santana Rodriguez on Inspiring People with Home Workouts


Being the change in society isn’t as effortless as it seems. Not many people dare to follow what they believe in and no one knows this better than Santana Rodriguez. Aspiring to be in the Entertainment Industry comes with a lot of challenges including being in the limelight for the majority part of your life.

But by emerging through all the struggles, she followed her passion with confidence & became a renowned actress. Parker’s, the new love boat, the Roseanne Show (talk show) are some of the shows which featured her talent. Santana has also acted in co-starring roles in multiple theatre productions.

Santana has not only been an inspirational actress but also been a fitness enthusiast who has participated in several fitness competitions for years and has won over 6 regional. Not only that, but the prominent figure has also achieved the title of National Championship Miss Team USA Modelquest of ABA federation.

However, Santana’s greatest achievement was the launch of her production named ” Shaping up with Santana ” which has inspired many people to follow home workouts across the globe. During the pandemic, when the world came to a sudden halt, her 10 episode series took the Internet by storm by inspiring people with home workouts when people couldn’t go to the gym. The show went viral while streaming 24/7 on ROKU.

Santana Rodriguez, with her eminence, is still thriving for the better and we all know that her future endeavours will continue to be an inspiration to all of us.

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