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An action that works wonders in your business.A note from Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani


An action that works wonders in your business.A note from Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani

Business in today's world is becoming more and more different. Today, many people have realized the rules of the game and this has changed the game. The key to success in business today is to create different business networks. The more connections you make, the more money you make. Many thinkers have introduced the principle of focus on a task that has changed today. The new idea is to connect, have a customer, now know his different needs, and respond. Businesses that stay in the new millennium are customer-centric and do not suffer from the disease of marketing myopia. Loyalty has reached its lowest point. Customers are not forever captivated by a particular brand. Employees do not work for an employer forever; your representatives have a better offer than your competitor. They leave you. On the contrary, they are all signs of infidelity. There is only one thing that can guarantee you a lasting benefit, and that is nothing but effective communication with all cases and networking. Today, customers do not pay only for the material value of products. But everyone, willingly or unwillingly, is looking for an emotional reward for their purchase. Instead of looking for ongoing competition with different competitors that will ultimately lead to the loss of businesses, you should look for new opportunities and markets. Communication is the best way to create new and profitable opportunities. Attending various forums related to your profession and field of work, connecting with public or scientific institutions, and being up-to-date create constructive communication. Of course, presence alone is not enough, and having the ability to personal communication is the prelude to creating useful and effective networks. Create a culture of communication in your organization and be sensitive to how your co-workers treat different customers. Build the ability to create teams and teamwork within yourself and your organization. Deal with issues such as misunderstanding, selfishness, selfish attitudes, and so on. But do not forget the basic issues. Try to be a role model for others. If you do not take yourself hard, do not expect the ideal organizational culture for your business. In the words of Michael Gerber: If your mindset is chaotic, your business will be chaotic. If you are chaotic, your business is also chaotic. If you are greedy, your employees will be greedy too. They invest less of themselves and always demand more from you. Today, the higher the level of management. The art of communication becomes more important.

The higher the rank, the more knowledgeable and unprofessional you should be. Having a large amount of different information at a shallow depth is more effective. Successful entrepreneurs have been involved in various fields. Today, a term called bridging between the sciences has been coined, meaning that a person can not only specialize in a particular field to achieve success but must know a set of sciences and create between them. Communicate. Information the size of an ocean but the depth of a glass!

Another important point that highlights the importance of networking is the new business models, most of which have a visible or invisible focus on networking. Innovation is a commendable power to compete with competitors, a price-cutting strategy to burn another competitor. It is interesting to know that the best and most money-making innovations are formed from the communication and networking of companies. The brand is formed from the effective communication of a company and you will see that the secret to the success of profitable companies leads to communication and networking. I hope that Iranian companies will also prioritize this strategy and use every opportunity to establish communication and grow their telecommunications in the field of communication.

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