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Appropriate goal setting is cost-effective,Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani


We live in an age when news, magazines, newspapers, television, and most importantly, our country's officials, disappoint us, give us wrong clues, and engage our minds with short-term goals.

Wrong goals, goals that do not lead us to our big vision, send us looking for a daily income to live.

We have to say a big 'no' to this chain and stop it. We must say a big "no" to anyone who disappoints us, to himself, and his thoughts.

We must block the entry of these negative thoughts into our minds. We have to aim and choose the right path, but the right path will not be very easy.

Contrary to what is said in books and lectures, the right path is not very easy, it is more difficult than the wrong path because the wrong path is the path of our habits and society.

It is a path that many are walking, it is a stream of water and it will always be harder to swim against the current.

Getting out of the community of negative people may seem simple.

But in reality, it is very difficult; Because when you are disappointed, you are comfortable and you do not have to do much.

Having a great sense of accomplishment is one of the basic needs for proper goal setting.

Are you many like lazy people?

It is easier for lazy people to be disappointed. When you are frustrated, you do not move and you do not consume energy.

So when you are frustrated, you are more comfortable, and I am more comfortable.

But when you are hopeful, you have to try, you have to move, you have to sweat, you have to overcome different oppositions, the obstacles in front of you, you have to resist problems.

Anyone who tells you there is no problem is wrong. The path that leads you to your big vision is a difficult one.

If it was an easy route, everyone could take it. There are very few people in society who can achieve their goals and aspirations.

it is very difficult to be able to bring others with you, to be current, to create a new current, and to move against the existing current.

You have to put up with shrinkage, deafness, and disrespect. Negative people harass you on the way and stop you on the way to achieving your goals.

You have to choose the right goals and be committed to them; This word commitment has a heavy burden; it is so heavy that the majority of society cannot bear it.

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Is goal writing important or a commitment to goal setting and execution?

Many people write goals, but few are committed to them.

For eight or nine years now, every year on Eid night, we write articles on goal setting in Creativity magazine, various articles, and first-rate professors, both domestic and foreign. So now we can say that many write goals, but few are committed to their goals. Writing goals is no longer a difficult task, it is also very comfortable, attractive, and lovable. Because when you are writing down your goals, you are immersed in your fantasies, you see your dreams and they come closer to reality, you think and bag, so it is not too difficult. But it is hard work to commit to goals, it is very difficult to get used to it, to become someone who deserves to have those goals. If you go for it with the thought of simplicity, you will surely get in the middle of the road. But if a person knows his path accurately on a journey, knows his dangers, and foresees his difficulties, he can endure those difficulties, because he has already estimated them. Goal setting is simple, but the commitment to goals is difficult; If you know this and are prepared to take responsibility, then you can achieve your goals. This point I am talking about is the answer to the question of people who say why we do not achieve our goals. Why did not you arrive? Because you do not commit to it.

Cost-effective targeting

What is the secret to the success of successful people in the world?

As you probably know, there are great people in the world who take full responsibility for their lives. If you read 100 success books, 99 of them have repeated this, saying that if you want to be successful and a superstar, you have to take 100% responsibility for your life. What distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful people is no more than three words; One, commitment, two, responsibility, and three, resistance. These three words are essential for success in all aspects of life. The formula for excellence is: If you want to excel, you must first know your values You need to know what your value system is, see what your values are and what your priorities are. Second, you must choose meaningful and fearless goals based on your values. Big goals; Goals that shake your heart and motivate you, but based on your values. I have a course called Goal Mastery, where I fully teach you how to discover your inner values. This is an important issue in our lives, we may live 40 or 50 years but we do not know what our values are.

Cost-effective targeting

Is planning more important or a desire to achieve a goal?

We also set goals, we say goals should be smart, long-term, and ، ،, but why do not we achieve our goals?

Because it is not based on our inner values and value system. You need to set goals based on your value system.

What is the next step?

You need to be committed to personal growth and developing your skills; The word commitment.

You have to work hard to achieve your goals, you have to commit to changing your behavior and habits, and the next step is to take responsibility for the successes or failures in your path.

Because man has a vision, he has goals that are midpoints.

If you fail at some of these stations, there is nothing wrong with taking 100% responsibility for your failures and learning from them, but get up and take the next step.

But if you do not take responsibility, it is the fault of the government, it is the fault of the country in which we live, the fault is that we did not have a good family, our parents were like this, we did not have money and so on.

If you want to blame others, you cannot get up, when you fall, you fall forever and success does not create those falls.

It is the ups and downs that make success. You will learn from your failures; you will resist your problems.

 you have the word commitment, and here we have the word resistance, resistance is the key to victory.

Cost-effective targeting

The reason for failure in goal setting

To be consistent with your goals, you must be consistent with your values. Your goals must have a reason. You must discover your mission in life. I started my career with a visit in 2003 when I was not more than 19 years old. I worked hard, but my life did not change until I discovered the values of my life.

No matter how hard I tried, I was always behind and stuck. My life has changed since I came to know my values and set my goals based on them. Both materially and spiritually. it is very important to know your value system. I know my value system; I no longer see any goal out of my mind and out of reach. our goals determine the direction of our movement. Our values provide the energy to execute the program to achieve those goals and visions. if you do not know your values and have not set your goals based on them, you are in the middle of the road, because you have no energy.

Performance is also a keyword, writing a goal is not enough, you have to execute, move, change your behavior, you have to change your life routines to achieve your goals.

Cost-effective targeting

You have to have waypoints for your goals, we call it key results. You have to see if you have lost your way or not, are you on the way?

Whether or not you are distracted by the distractions around you are all factors that come and distract you.

Are you busy with them or are you moving in the right direction?

 when you have key results to target, you can easily evaluate yourself and say whether you did it or not, a simple yes or no.

In short, we talked about your value system. See what your values are.  you need to know why it works.

Why do you want to achieve this goal? Why is it important to you? Because you're worth it.

For example, because my value is to improve the living standards of the people of the world, I put my life, my time, my reputation, and my money and publishing a magazine, and start a publishing house.

Cost-effective targeting

What is your passion for success in goal setting?

I publish books on personal, personal, business and entrepreneurship development, I hold courses, I launch Vidone, why?

Because my value is to change people, to make the world a better place to live.

Now, what do you do when you are told "no"?

None, I endure, because I have created great value for myself because my goals are great or I have a lofty goal.

When I call a company and it does not answer, I call twice, I call three times, I call ten times, it still does not answer, am I disappointed? No, because I have a big mission.

I name these exactly in my classes, I say I called the insurance company and it did not answer, I called ten times and it did not answer, am I quitting my job?

No, because I have a mission because I know my values. the first thing is to know your values, that's why.

The second was goals based on values. Goals are our "what’s"; Where do we want to go? What do we want to achieve?

And the third point is that we close our eyes a lot and just write our wishes on paper and say that this is our goal,

If you have to compile key results for each of your goals.

What are these key results? "How are they?"

How do you achieve any goal you want? Do you want to learn a language? What do you want to do in the new year? How?

Cost-effective targeting

What does your success rate depend on?

What points do you make to assess whether you are on the right track?

If you want to lose weight, grow your business, start a new business, change jobs, and increase your income, you need to create key results for it.

The bitter truth is that many of us humans have no purpose, and even more disturbing is the fact that many people claim to have a purpose.

Unfortunately, they do not know why they are aiming, and even more bitterly, many people who have a goal know their values and why they do not know how to achieve their goals.

This is very important, this is technical, they were strategic and macro, but this is wisdom.

You need to come up with something out of the ordinary, and work on it.

Cost-effective targeting

I'm asking you a few questions, answer them.

1- What is your sublime goal or purpose? Why do you work?

2- What is your value system? The first is to make money? Do you want to get rich? The second is, for example, helping your fellow human beings?

Or help your family? What are these priorities? In the course of mastering the goals, I teach this completely.

3- What are your goals for the new year? (What are these?) What do you want to achieve?

4- How did you achieve these goals? (These are the key results or how) You should note.

5. Who should you become who deserves these goals?

Take the time to answer these questions. When you find the why, when the why has become the mission of your life, you will have a convincing feeling that whenever you bring less, it bothers you.

Cost-effective targeting

What does passion do?

An official is sitting behind the door of the office and he has not let you in, that is when you do not bring less.

Because you know why your goals are set, you resist, and that resistance makes you successful.

Resistance is the key to victory. The reasons you set for your goals will be the launching pad for your success.

Reasonable goals direct our actions, our inner values give us energy and motivation.

take this value system seriously.

We said there are a few words you need to succeed; One was commitment and the other was resistance. Where do this commitment and resistance come from? From recognizing values.

Cost-effective targeting

Look for good values in goal setting.

Our values are our source of inner inspiration. Our inner inspiration is the source of our resilience and commitment to goal setting.

If you have inner inspiration, you resist dark and frustrating thoughts, then it's the inspiration that will not let us down.

What Makes Us Inspired? Recognize our values and act on our values.

Now take a look at your life. What do you feel? Do you know what your values ​​are? Do you have inner inspiration?

Is there a fire burning inside you that will guide you to your goals? If we pay attention, miracles are all around us.

We have everything we need inside us, where do we look for it? Have ambition, passion, and excitement.

The key to ambition is to have passion and warmth in inner inspiration.  look at your life, see where you are.

See what you deserve? Do you deserve what you want to achieve?

Do you have goals that make the world a better place for our children to live?

Help us and pass on this knowledge and attitude, first and foremost to your family, your children, and the schools of the country.

That is when we can stop those who disappoint us and make our country and our world a better place for our children to live.

Thank you for being with me. I entrust you to the great and merciful God.

Written by Mohammad Mahdi Rabbani (Founder of Vidone Educational Platform)

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