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Benefits of eyebrow tattoo by Shila Javid, famous Iranian tattoo artist


Time may tattoo your eyebrows, shorten the time of your makeup. When correcting the shape of your eyebrows with cosmetics, you may spend a lot of time drawing and shading pencils. Eyebrow tattoo completely removes this part of the makeup.

 Disadvantage: The pain of everyone who has had a tattoo acknowledges that tattooing is a painful procedure. Getting a tattoo on the delicate skin of the eye can be a painful process. However, the upper part of the eyebrows is a small area and the tattoo is done quickly, and the pain goes away in a short time.

Benefit: Eyebrows perfectly matched to facial features Permanent eyebrows are generally popular because they can be designed based on our facial features. If the eyebrows are in the right place and have the right shape, they can make the face look more and more elongated. They can also help make the eyes appear larger. Sometimes some women decide to replace their natural eyebrows with tattooed eyebrows because they are much easier to maintain and care for.

 Solving the problem of eyebrow loss Some men and women suffer from a condition called alopecia that causes hair loss on the body, including eyebrow hair. Tattoos can help restore the natural state of their eyebrows and hide drooping eyebrows through the right color and shape.

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