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He does not know me, the introduction of a 4-track album by Saeed Kooshafar

How long am I going to remember him?

Can I forget him?

Does he love me?

Saeed Kooshafar's latest album about Alzheimer's titled "He does not know me" will be released soon from the label pendulum.

Biography of Saeed Kooshafar

Iranian musician, songwriter and singer, he started singing traditional music at the age of 13 and was able to combine industrial and traditional styles in original Iranian and Iranian pop music to figure out the best methods. "Yalda" by Saeed Koshafer is his magnificent work.

Saeed Kooshafar has worked with many international singers

He has performed compositions in the international arena, he became the top musician of 2015 in Iran, everyone mentions him as a top guitarist, Saeed considers his biggest challenge to be a lot of patience in performing and finalizing works, and in one place he said I also knew my strength was my patience,

He has recently collaborated as a musician and the final singer of the title song in a movie called "Great Forgiveness". One of Saeed Kooshafar's greatest achievements is the award for the best Iranian music in the nude style. Did for himself

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