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Massage tips,Niloufarabi

Niloufarabi Sports and Health Company in 2007 with the formation of a specialized committee and extensive field research to identify common types of massages in East and Southeast Asia and reputable training companies and massage providers, after preparing and compiling a comprehensive plan to establish spas and Massage with emphasis on the aspect of relaxation (relaxing massage).

What does the word massage mean?

The word massage is derived from a Greek word called Massein, which means to rub, and is related to a word manus meaning to touch, press, and

And it has different definitions, one of which is that it says: Massage is a series of regular and principled movements that are used on body tissues for specific purposes.

History of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy exists in both traditional and modern medicine, which in traditional medicine is performed with hand movements, stretches and special pressures on different parts of the body.

In modern medicine, it is performed as one of the branches of physiotherapy, which in addition to using hand movements, also uses various equipment and devices.

Historical documents show that massage is the oldest form of treatment of body and soul.

Also, among the ancient scientists and physicians, people such as Hippocrates, Abu Ali Sina, and. Used massage techniques.

Massage therapy dates back to 2700 BC The Yellow Emperor (China's internal reference book) recommends skin massage as well as exercises on the hands and feet to treat paralysis.

And Hippocrates has been using massage therapy since about 400 BC to treat war wounds and injuries from hunting, accidents, and massage. The Japanese, Egyptians, and Romans also used massage therapy extensively.

Abu Ali Sina (1037-980) recommended massage to disperse waste products formed in the muscles, which had the effect of relieving fatigue.

Learn about massage

In today's modern life, human beings are subjected to various physical and psychological pressures, which cause irreparable damage to them.

In the meantime, massage is an effective method that can help reduce these pressures and have a tremendous impact on health and gaining health and fitness.

At present, in most countries of the world, massage is seen as a way to prevent disease that can be effective in the health of society.

Benefits of massage

Massage is soothing and relaxing, calms the nervous system,

It restores the limb to balance and, by increasing blood circulation in the body, nourishes and oxygenates the cells well.

The effect of massage on weight loss can also improve the health of body, soul and self-confidence.

Other benefits of massage can reduce anxiety and stress, depression and improve back pain caused by monogamy.

And reduce pain and increase concentration, improve blood flow, increase energy levels, activate the self-healing system, relieve chronic headaches, flex limbs,

Relieve muscle cramps and help tighten muscles and in general affect the nervous system, blood circulation, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and… mentioned.

Other benefits of massage include rehabilitation and rehabilitation

In addition to corrective movements, they can achieve lasting health by using specialized massage techniques.

And helped people with skeletal and muscular problems.

Massage can relax the body, remove anxiety and tension from your mind,

It can also lower cortisol levels and boost morale levels by increasing the secretion of the hormone that promotes happiness and relaxation, serotonin.

Different types of massage

1. Swedish massage

2.Massage to (Thai)

3. Hot stone massage

4. Aromatropic massage

5. Deep tissue massage

6. Point massage

7. Reflexology massage

8. Shiatsu massage

9. Massage with a massage chair

10. Prenatal massage

26 beautiful texts about massage

Massage is the only form of physical pleasure that nature has forgotten.


Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Massage means touching the body, healing the mind, calming the soul


I am not afraid of death because I am not afraid of what I do not understand, when I start thinking, I get a massage and that thought disappears.


Find a way to massage your body every day.


I went to the massage parlor, this was my self-service.


I love massage, if I could I would get a massage every day.


When I want to reward myself, we get a relaxing massage.


If women ruled the world and we all got massages, there would be no war.

I get a massage every week. This is not an extreme, but an investment in your creativity, productivity, passion and sustainable health.


I get massages when I want to relax, I love island massages when you are out in the fresh air.


We look amazing after the massage because we are relaxed.


I work very hard sometimes but my mother is inspiring, she tells me not to take things too seriously and "go get a massage"!


Speak calmly, I'm getting a massage…


Sleep is like massaging yourself.


I'm not afraid of anything but missing the appointment.


Anyone who wants to study medicine must also have a massage therapist.


Never postpone your massage until tomorrow, if you can get a massage today!


Break down this wall and get a massage. You seem to be really stressed.


The way to health is to have a fragrant bath and massage every day.

There are some things in life that are better than receiving a gift, and massage is one of them.


Media is not just a message, media is massage, yes! The media massages your mind the way it wants!


Never let stress shape your strategy, most people will think better after a brisk walk, a light meal, a massage and a nap.


Oil massage, hot bath, good sleep, scents and music and soft-textured clothes express my feelings.


I would rather have a politician who goes to the massage parlor regularly than someone who promises a laptop to every teacher.


The more you massage your thinking, the more you are able to improve your learning and performance.

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