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Some Personal talk with the Amazing Singer Nikita Nayan

 Today we are going to talk about how the young lady has fulfilled his dream at the age of 36.  Yes, I am talking.  Nikita Nayan is a model and recently she has launched three new songs. Her songs are rocking the industry as soon as they come.  People are listening to her songs and waiting for her upcoming songs. Let us now know about the life of Nikita.


Q - Can you tell us about your past life?

A - I am a resident of Gurgaon. My father runs a business and my mother is a homemaker.  I have completed my studies at Nazareth academy. Then my father's health suddenly deteriorated and after that, I took care of his business. And after rebuilding his business, I'm going to chase my dreams.


Q - Apart from singing and modeling, can you tell us some of your achievements?

A- In 2018 I participated in Mrs. Diva Competition and I was the winner there. After that, I got the title of Magadha Ratna Youth Icon in 2019.


Q - How do you get interested in music?

A - My parents have a big contribution to this.  My parents are very passionate about music and from childhood, they listened to my music of their era and because of this, my interest in it grew.


Q- How difficult has this journey been for you?

A - This journey has been very difficult for me.  When my father got sick, I didn't know what to do.  I had to leave my studies and then I started helping my father with his work.  Slowly I started getting involved in that work, I did not think that I would ever be able to fulfill my dreams.  But it was my parents who supported me and made me move forward.


Q- Tell us about your upcoming project.

A - Yes, I am going to release many albums in the coming time and right now I am working on an album called Shaddi Yaad!


Q- What is the secret to your success?  Would you like to give some tips to our audience?

A - I believe that there is no tip for success.  There is no shortcut or small way to get success.  It all depends on our hard work how hard we work to fulfill our dreams. If everyone has the right to dream, then we took our life to fulfill it. And we should not sit silently till we achieve our dream or achieve it.  We should keep trying and one-day success will be in our footsteps and we can see our dreams come true.

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